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AIS Application Development Framework

The AIS Application Development Framework is a collection of best practices for AIS application development projects. This framework is intended to support AIS development staff through an application development project from initiation to completion. The framework provides a common approach to developing applications for all AIS teams.

Business Intelligence Network

The Business Intelligence Network delivers industry-based content hosted by domain experts and industry leaders. The Business Intelligence Network includes horizontal technology coverage from the most respected thought leaders in Business Intelligence, Business Performance Management, Data Warehousing and Data Quality. The Business Intelligence Network serves these communities with unparalleled industry coverage and resources.

Business Rules Community

Business Rules Community is a vertical, non-commercial community for business rule professionals. BRCommunity provides articles, commentary, discussion areas, and a variety of other valuable hands-on resources.

DAMA's Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK) Framework

The "body of knowledge" about data management is quite large and constantly growing. The Introduction to the Data Management Body of Knowledge document will provide a "definitive introduction/overview" to data management. It will present a standard industry view of data management functions, terminology and best practices, without detailing specific methods and techniques. The DMBOK does not attempt to be a complete authority on any specific data management function, but will point readers to widely recognized publications, articles and websites for further reading.

Data Administration Newsletter, The (TDAN)

The Data Administration Newsletter, LLC is an award winning electronic publication that focuses on the various disciplines of data management. celebrates its 10th Anniversary in July of 2007 and presently attracts close to 100,000 visitors a month.

Data Governance Institute, The

The Data Governance Institute provides a wealth of resources: basic information and advanced topics on Data Governance and Data Stewardship, explanations of different "flavors" and focus areas of governance programs, and advice for starting a Data Governance program. We publish a variety of whitepapers, briefings on data laws and regulations, statistics on data security breaches, and information on various data-related governance/architecture standards and approaches. We have a Data Governance Software section, where we discuss software solutions.

Data Management Association - Michigan Chapter

The DAMA-Michigan Chapter is controlled by its local members, who are from the Michigan metropolitan area and surrounding region. There are no restrictions as to which organizations may join the local chapter or as to how many members from any one company may join.

Data Management Association, The

DAMA, The Data Management Association International, is an international not-for-profit association of data resource management professionals with chapters and Members-At-Large around the world.

Data Warehousing Institute's Data Governance Portal

Data governance is an increasingly important iniative that is high on most organizational priority lists. Make sure you understand how enterprisewide data quality, integration, and management come together to form the basis of a successful data governance program.

Data Warehousing Institute, The (TDWI)

TDWI (The Data Warehousing Institute) provides education, training, certification, news, and research for executives and information technology (IT) professionals worldwide. Founded in 1995, TDWI is the premier educational institute for business intelligence and data warehousing.

DM Review Magazine

The DM Review website is the online presence for the print magazine DM Review. It contains articles and information on all aspects of data governance and related topics.


EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.

Information Resources Management Association

IRMA is an international professional organization dedicated to furthering the professionalism of its members. IRMA brings together researchers, practitioners, academicians, and policy makers in information technology management. The diverse membership consists of professionals from over 50 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, and China.

Information Resources Management Association of Canada

The Information Resource Management Association of Canada is a non-profit association of information management professionals. Our primary objective is to provide a forum for members to exchange information and experiences involving all aspects of data administration and information resource management.

MDM University

We offer a variety of live and recorded in-depth webinars on specific topics about the MDM lifecycle, presented by industry experts.

Metadata Professional Organization

The Meta-Data Professional Organization (MPO) is a non-profit, international professional association comprised of business and IT professionals in all areas of meta-data practice, including administrators, developers, architects and managers. The MPO brings together individuals with interests, expertise, or hands-on experience in meta-data use from all areas of private and public enterprise throughout the world and seeks to disseminate technical and professional information to meta-data practitioners of all levels of experience. The MPO provides meta-data professionals with a community that fosters discussion, advancement and increased understanding of meta-data as it is applied in the field.

Object Management Group

OMG is an international, open membership, not-for-profit computer industry consortium. OMG Task Forces develop enterprise integration standards for a wide range of technologies, and an even wider range of industries. OMG's modeling standards enable powerful visual design, execution and maintenance of software and other processes. OMG's middleware standards and profiles are based on the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and support a wide variety of industries. All of our specifications may be downloaded without charge from our website.

Real World Decision Support (RWDS) Journal

The RWDS is a FREE quarterly journal with over 28,000 subscribers. The articles are written by the best and brightest in the industry, and cover new technologies, industry trends, and proven best practices.

TWDI's Master Data Management Portal

This site is devoted exclusively to master data management and associated technologies and techniques. It provides the information, perspective, analysis, and insight to help you launch and manage your master data management projects, understand the tools available, and evaluate which tools are right for you. The information here will help you recognize and avoid the common mistakes your colleagues have made. We deliver the latest research and knowledge about MDM to help you get the most from your master data management initiatives.

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